Gardening Is A Benefit To Your Mental Well Being

Good Mental Health is crucial for a pleasant life. Gardening activities reduce stress, make us feel fresh, reduces anger, and gives us peace of heart and mind. Both the doctors and the scientists agree that gardening is a benefit to your mental wellbeing.

Gardening History

Since long-ago, humans have been attracted by nature’s beauty and tried to make it more organized and enhanced by gardening activities; gardening in the West is dated back to 4000 years ago and originated in Egypt. At that time, gardening was associated with plants’ regular arrangement in lines and groups in walled enclosures. Although plants are a natural beauty, the organization and maintenance of their proper shape make them more appealing to human eyes. It is said that Romans introduced gardening in Europe. Then with time, gardening evolved and reached the present era where each house has its own garden.

How Gardening Is Beneficial For Brain?

So you might be thinking that there are several hobbies people have to relax their minds then why gardening is so important? There is scientific logic behind it. The first and the most important is that plants release oxygen, which is important for the brain cell to function properly. Secondly, the delightful natural color in your garden soothes your eyes and makes you feel more peaceful. The silence of trees and the fragrance of flowers allows you to relax and release all the stress out to nature. During the gardening activities, you are doing exercise, which indirectly makes your brain more active.

Decreased Anxiety and Stress

You definitely have noticed that being in greener areas reduces your anger. It keeps you calmer. Peace and beauty associated with greenery are so outclassing that many doctors suggest their patients walk in the parks. It is seen that this activity boosts up the recovery of the patient from illness. Growing up in this competitive world makes our brain function as a machine, but we can forget all the worldly tensions and focus on what God has provided us with when we are in nature. Nature connects us with our Lord directly, and many people feel that they communicate with God through nature.

Immune System

Gardening has long been considered positive and beneficial from a mental health point of view. But few of us know that it enhances the immune system functions. The soil has some of the essential microorganisms in it. The beneficial bacteria improve humans’ defense system and make him/her fight against infections more effectively. So, gardening enhances physical health along with mental health.

Aesthetic Beauty

Plants provide hope to a new life. When you see the growing plant from seed, the seasonal changes, falling leaves, and bursting flowers, these are some of the amazing events that a gardener can observe. Moreover, the first interaction that our brain has with the environment is through our eyes. Our vision is the first stimulus that the brain deals with, so we should provide our eyes with the best views through our gardening skills in this concrete world.