Five Easiest Flowers To Grow in Your Home Garden

If you find the flowers that are easiest to grow in your garden to enhance its aesthetic beauty, this article will surely help you. Flowers are an essential part of home décor, especially when we are working on gardens. Eye-catching beauty and bright color of the flowers in your lush green garden is the lovely scene of your house.

  1. Marigold Flower

Marigold is the flower that is the easiest of all to grow. It is an annual flower. There are nearly 50 species of marigold, among which African marigold, American Marigold, and Signet Marigold are the most commonly used species. They can get planted in the spring to midsummer season. They survive hot summers, and they bloom well in full sunshine. Moist the soil and sow the seeds in the soil. The seed must not be more profound than 1 inch. This flower is known to everyone and is a universally used flower for gardening. One of the advantages of Marigold is that it has fewer pest problems.

  • Zinnias

Another flower quickly grown is Zinnias. They bloom with beautiful bright colors in your garden. The most famous Zinnias are Zinnias Elegans. One unique property of Zinnias is its availability in different shapes. Beehive, button, and cactus shape zinnias are available easily in the market. Their height can also vary broadly, so you can choose the height that best suits your garden. The seed should directly get sown in the garden bed.

  • Dianthus

Dianthus has shades of pink, red, purple, and white.  They are fragrant flowers with clove-scented fragrance. Another name used for dianthus is carnation and sweet Williams. They bloom in your garden in early spring and summer. If you cut the faded flowers regularly, this flower will be blooming throughout the year in your garden.

  • Catmint

Catmint is again cheerful flowers with minty fragrance. They will grow in well-drained soil. This flower might require some fertilizer to get added to the soil for growth. This flower is challenging and requires little pampering. The gardener does not require colossal care to grow catmint. It has variations in color, height, and a growing season that make it suitable for gardening.

  • Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum is a small flower with a sweet fragrance. It is easy to grow and is a flower of the cool season. This flower fades in increased sunlight and bloom in fall. After growing within two months, it will be a mature plant. Easter bonnet, snow princess, pastel carpets, and snow crystal are the wide varieties of sweet asylum. Deadheading is necessary to keep your plant flowering. Otherwise, you can shear them from the top, and new buds will emerge out. Both the seed and plant can get used for gardening. It does not require any fertilizer unless the soil in your garden is poor.

What You Need To Care About For Growing Flowers?

You need to have the basic knowledge of the flowers’ sowing season and characteristics to grow them successfully in your garden. Some flowers are annual, while others are seasonal. You should also know the planting technique, light and water requirements of your plant. Below are some easiest flowers that you can grow in your garden.