CARE of DAYLILIES (information about daylily flowers)



common name DAYLILY from the Greek:

HEMÉRA (day) KÁLLOS (beauty)

An opening caveat. Some of the following is fact, but much is opinion. There are as many ideas about the best way to grow daylilies as there are daylily growers. I have striven for a balanced presentation, focusing mainly on practices which meet a consensus of approval.

The opinions expressed here are my own (unless otherwise stated) and do not necessarily represent the view of the AHS or anyone else. I have also drawn upon my own experiences. The point is that, for many aspects of daylily care, there is not just one right way to do things, and other people more expert than I may have different opinions and advice. I have experience growing daylilies, but I am not an expert.

Much of the following I have merely compiled from other sources over many years. Thus, most of the credit for original thought goes to others. While I have neither willfully violated copyright laws, nor intentionally omitted giving credit for others' work, I admit that because most of this was originally compiled for my personal use, I neither paid much attention to, nor saved much of, the source information. If you believe there is something here that should not be, or that someone deserves credit for something, please contact me immediately and I will resolve it ASAP. Also, if you run across something you think is factually wrong, please let me know.

Much of the advice contained herein was prepared for the climate here in St. Louis. Be aware that your growing conditions may be very different and may call for very different care.

This page is primarily targeted for beginners. If you are an advanced daylily hobbyist, you probably know more than I and this page may have little to offer you.

Learning is never done. I don't pretend to know even close to everything. If you have something to contribute, please e-mail your suggestion simply Email Me.


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diagram of a daylily plant
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chart of bloom cycle in St Louis
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