Sometimes, in catalogs, you may run into one or more of the following abbreviations, which stand for some of the awards described above. For a more detailed described of the awards, see the immediately preceding section. Obviously, the fact that a cultivar has earned one or more awards adds to its desirability, and therefore, perhaps cost. This is just one more factor you may wish to consider when selecting plants.

SM Stout Medal, the highest honor a daylily can receive.

LAA Lennington All American, for outstanding performance in all the different regions of the country.

AM Award of Merit signifies distinction, beauty and proven performance over a wide geographical area. Given annual to ten.

HM Honorable Mention, for excellent quality and performance beyond the local level.

DF Donn Fischer Memorial Cup to the most outstanding miniature (less than 3 inches).

ATG Annie T. Giles Award, to the most outstanding small-flowered (3 inches to 4.5 inches).

LEP L. Ernst Plouf annual award for the most consistently very fragrant and dormant daylily.

IM Ida Munson Award to the best double-flowered daylily.

JAM James A Marsh for the best purple or lavender daylily.

DCS Don C. Stephens award for the best eyed or banded bloom.

RPM Richard P. Miller Memorial Medal to the best nearest-to-white tetraploid.

RCP Richard, C. Peck Memorial Award to the best tetraploid daylily.

JC Junior Citation, a minor award to bring attention to promising seedlings.

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picture of several award winning daylilies